Throughout our history, Nemschoff’s focus has always been to deliver unsurpassed workmanship, design and customer service.

  1. ‘50

    1950: Nemschoff is founded.

    Leonard Nemschoff founds Nemschoff Chairs, Inc., in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, then known as “Chair City” due to the 10,000 chairs produced in the area each day.

  2. ‘51

    1951: Nemschoff purchases Westfield Co.

    Nemschoff purchases Westfeld Co. and uses its assets to develop cutting-edge designer furniture that breaks away from the “Sheboygan look.” The company opens its first showroom in the Furniture Mart of Chicago.

  3. ‘53

    1953: Dorms at the University of North Dakota.

    Nemschoff furnishes two new dorms for the University of North Dakota, solidifying its niche in high-quality institutional furniture.

  4. ‘56

    1956: The first coordinated seating and table groups.

    The company offers one of the first coordinated seating and table groups in the industry. Its new finishes, metal leg trims, fabrics, and variety of tabletops enhances its reputation for forward-thinking design.

  5. ‘57

    1957: Nemschoff enters the healthcare market.

    Nemschoff enters the healthcare market with designs based on a study exploring ways to improve care for the elderly. This begins the company’s legacy of research-based design.

  6. ‘59

    1959: Nemschoff Introduces The Peabody Collection

    Nemschoff works with Boston designer, Lawrence Peabody, to design a new line of residential furniture.

  7. ‘62

    1962: International Award for Outstanding Seating Design.

    The Association of Interior Designers honors Nemschoff with the International Award for Outstanding Seating Design.

  8. ‘68

    1968: New standards for healthcare furniture.

    Two Nemschoff innovations set new standards for healthcare furniture: the wipe-out design, which allows thorough cleaning, and the first removable and replaceable covers, which help extend product life.

  9. 1968: First contract with the U.S. General Services Administration.

    The Veteran’s Administration asks Nemschoff to develop problem-solving products, resulting in the company’s first contracts with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

  10. ‘74

    1974: Institutional furniture production only.

    Nemschoff makes the strategic decision to focus solely on institutional furniture.

  11. ‘77

    1977: Nemschoff expands.

    The company expands, adding much-needed space and enhancing workflow.

  12. ‘79

    1979: Casegoods production.

    Nemschoff begins designing and manufacturing casegoods to meet customer needs.

  13. ‘81

    1981: New manufacturing site.

    A new manufacturing site is built to house the casegoods line.

  14. ‘84

    1984: Another facility and new computerized machinery.

    Another facility and computerized machine tools are added to improve efficiency.

  15. ‘88

    1988: First upholstered furniture to meet flammability standards.

    Nemschoff introduces the industry’s first products that meet rigorous flammability standards for upholstered furniture defined in California Technical Bulletin 133.

  16. ‘97

    1997: New off-site seating center.

    The company builds an off-site seating center in Sioux City, Iowa.

  17. ‘00

    2000: New corporate headquarters.

    The company builds a new corporate headquarters as part of downtown Sheboygan’s revitalization plan.

  18. ‘01

    2001: Nightingale award for the EZ-123 Overbed Table.

    The Nemschoff Overbed Table wins a Nightingale award for excellence and innovation in healthcare product design.

  19. ‘03

    2003: Foxxman brand launches.

    Nemschoff launches the Foxxman brand, a budget-conscious line of healthcare furniture that maintains high aesthetics and quality while appealing to price-sensitive buyers.

  20. ‘04

    2004: Nightingale award for SleepOver Flop.

    Nemschoff introduces the SleepOver Flop, which receives a Nightingale award.

  21. 2004: Number one in healthcare furniture.

    Contract Magazine names the company number one in healthcare furniture.

  22. ‘05

    2005: Number one in healthcare furniture, again.

    For the second year, Contract Magazine names the company number one in healthcare furniture.

  23. ‘08

    2008: Herman Miller acquires Brandrud Furniture, Inc.

    Herman Miller acquires Brandrud Furniture, Inc., a furniture designer and manufacturer for the healthcare, education, and corporate markets.

  24. ‘09

    2009: Herman Miller acquires Nemschoff.

    Herman Miller acquires Nemschoff, significantly expanding its presence and strength in the healthcare marketplace.

  25. ‘11

    2011: Unified brands.

    Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff make their official debut as unified brands, bringing together unmatched expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive product offering.

  26. ‘13

    2013: Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Terra.

    Terra is introduced, setting new standards in patient-centered solutions for infusion and treatment areas.

  27. ‘14

    2014: Elevating the Guest Experience.

    Multiple awards for the Palisade Collection point to the growing importance of accommodating family and friends in the patient room.

  28. ‘16

    2016: Challenging the Recliner Paradigm.

    Ava Recliner, designed by 5d Studio, is honored with eight prestigious design awards for its innovative, patient and caregiver-centered approach.

  29. ‘18

    2018: In Good Company.

    Nemschoff expands award-winning Palisade Collection to extend a sense of belonging to lounges, waiting rooms, and public spaces; areas where innovation has been largely ignored.

  30. Today

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